Does Adderall expire?


For those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, treatment can involve both behavioral therapy and medication. Adderall is the most commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of ADHD symptoms. With every three out of four ADHD patients receiving Adderall, there are a lot of common questions about this prescription medication.

Does Adderall Actually Expire?

Whether you’ve been given a longer prescription than you’re used to or you haven’t been overly consistent with taking the medication, you can end up with an excess of it. When this happens, it’s crucial to look at its expiration date.

Just like any other prescription or over-the-counter medication, there is an expiration date listed. This date is the last day that the medication will work at its fullest potency. Additionally, this is the last day that the drug manufacturer will guarantee your safety when taking a particular medication.

Identifying a certain medication bottle’s expiration date isn’t too difficult. Many pharmacies will conveniently place the medication’s expiration date near the bottom right of the bottle. Many times, it’s abbreviated with “EXP” and will feature a month and a year, such as “12-22”.

Will Adderall Still Work After Its Expiration Date?

If you can’t get a new prescription before you need to take your next Adderall dosage, you’re likely wondering if taking an expired pill will still work. It’s crucial to realize that after its expiration date, medication likely won’t have its fullest potency.

It can still work at a decreased level. This is assuming that you’ve followed the recommended storage procedures. With Adderall, that means storing your bottle at room temperature and with a tightly closed lid to keep unwanted moisture out.

Is Expired Adderall Still Safe to Take?

In an ideal world, it’s best to get a new prescription and take the non-expired medication. However, in a pinch, expired Adderall can still be safe to take. It’s necessary to mention that it may not have the same effect.

This is because the effectiveness of the medication may be reduced, depending on how long it’s been expired. You should, under no condition, take more than your prescribed amount in hopes that the extra medication will make up for the decreased efficiency of the drug. There’s no way to tell what efficiency level the medication is at, and you’ll be simply combining dosages blindly.

Does Adderall expire?

Why Do Drugs Expire?

Over time, the chemical composition of medications can change, and their potency can decrease. All manufacturers are required to affix an expiration date to all medications that they produce. After a medication has expired, the manufacturer no longer guarantees that it will be effective at treating its intended illnesses.

While a study by the FDA found that 90% of medications retained their potency beyond their expiration date, they only lasted for so long. Eventually, all the medications lost their potency.

Safe Storage Tips for Your Adderall

When it comes to storing your medication, there will be clearly outlined instructions on the prescription label. Realize that most medications are damaged by moisture, light, air, and heat. You should be storing your medication in a dry, cool place.

One very commonplace that patients tend to store their Adderall is in their bathroom medicine cabinet. While this may seem like a cool, dry place, you need to think again. The moisture and heat produced in your shower and sink can actually transfer into your medicine bottle. This can make your Adderall prematurely lose its potency.

When you’re storing your prescription medication, it’s best to leave your pills in their original container. This bottle will have all the necessary data about the medication for future reference. It helps to ensure that you always know what you’re taking. Also, many prescription bottles are constructed to be child-proof, so your children can’t get into the bottle unintentionally.

If you do have young children in your home, it’s best to store your medication in a location that can be easily locked. Make sure that you keep your medicine not only out of the reach of your children but out of their sight. When they can’t see it, they won’t know that it’s there to play with.

Adderall can be a very effective drug for treating ADHD symptoms in children and adults. Unfortunately, it can be very addictive as well. If you or someone you know is struggling with Adderall addiction, it’s time to get help. Long Island Treatment Center is here to assist you with overcoming addiction.

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