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7 Reasons to Consider Outpatient Drug Rehab

group of people at a long island outpatient drug rehab

There are many outstanding benefits to outpatient rehab programs. While inpatient programs have their own benefits, they may be too restrictive (or too expensive) for some families. Not everyone has the ability to stop going to work or school and move into a rehab facility for an extended time.

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Am I addicted? Quiz

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If you’ve noticed that your use of drugs has grown out of control or is negatively affecting your life, relationships, or health, you may be questioning whether you have a substance use disorder.

Take the ‘Am I A Drug Addict’ quiz to discover more about your possible addiction severity. The following 11 questions were created and utilized by healthcare professionals. Your answers will be kept entirely anonymous and confidential.

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How long do drugs stay in your system?

saliva drug test

You never know when someone will ask you to take a drug test. This concerns people because they may have ingested a substance in the recent past, which may be detected on the test. This is when many people wonder, “How long do drugs stay in your system?” You will find the answer here. 

Find out more about testing, detection times, and what factors influence results here.

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