How Much Is a Gram of Shrooms?


Shrooms, also known as magic mushrooms and psilocybin mushrooms, are used for various reasons, including their euphoric, creative and hallucinogenic effects. In addition, many have reported that they experienced improvements to their depression or anxiety after consuming shrooms.

But how much do psychedelic mushrooms cost? Of course, this is an important consideration for most. Unsurprisingly, a number of factors affect that, including the legal status where these psychedelic drugs are being purchased.

You should also consider any legal risks that you may be undertaking by purchasing and possessing shrooms and ensure that you understand the importance of how large or small your dose is, the state of mind that you should be in prior to taking them and the experience that you should expect to have.

Understanding Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin and psilocin are significant psychedelic compounds that are found in magic mushrooms. As a result of it, those consuming them often experience an altered perception and a newly introspective look at things as well as hallucinations.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

The main reason for these types of experiences is due to parts of the brain communicating with each other much more so during this time than they normally do combined with other parts that then stop communicating as much as they usually do. As a result, mental boundaries that existed previously are often broken down, causing the user to experience new ways of looking at things.

In some cases, those who were suffering from depression or anxiety experience benefits that last for months or years.

However, there are also side effects to consider. Of course, experiencing a bad trip is perhaps the most known one and can occur when someone goes into the experience in a poor state of mind, which is then amplified as the shroom’s effects take hold. Also note that those with mental health issues, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, should not consume them.

An especially significant indirect danger exists for those who want to pay essentially nothing for shrooms and go foraging in the wild for some. Sometimes, they make a mistake in identifying what they took home and get poisoned. This can result in death. So, if you forage, have an expert analyze what you found.

Magic Mushroom Doses

If you are going to take magic mushrooms, be careful with how much you consume and keep in mind both the benefits and the not-so-pleasant experiences that can accompany different doses.

A microdose is generally defined as half a gram of magic mushrooms or less. This is intended for those who are looking to experience some mood and cognitive benefits with minimal psychedelic elements.

Magic Mushroom Doses

If you consume a high dose; still less than a gram though, you will most likely start to experience some sense of altered perception and a state of mild euphoria.

A light dose usually contains more than a gram but less than two. With this, you will begin to go through more pronounced psychedelic experiences to your thought patterns.

The standard dose is normally defined as being between 2 and 3.5 grams. This is when you would usually get the full psychedelic effects as well as the type of psychosis that you would with smaller doses.

Anything above 3.5 grams would often result in an especially transformative experience, particularly if it is more than 5 grams (also known as a heroic dose). However, this is not necessarily a positive.

Keep in mind that consuming shrooms is not any sort of competition and that, if you decide to do so, you may experience more healing and have a better trip with a smaller dose.

Also of note is that the specific effects are dependent on numerous factors, including the mushroom species (i.e. Penis Envy, Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies…etc.) the person’s biological makeup and the physical and emotional environment in which it is consumed. In addition, even two shrooms within the same species can result in different experiences for the same user.

psychedelic magic mushrooms grow psilocybe

Price of Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms are generally sold in one of five measurements.

An eighth, meaning an eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams, should set you back around $30. If you are charged more than $40, you are likely either being overcharged, there is significant demand with low supply or the supplier is taking on tremendous risk in selling it to you.

A quarter (7 grams) would normally be around twice the price of an eighth, about $60.

If you get a half (14 grams), the per-gram cost should decrease some, from around $9 in the above examples to about $7 here. As a result, an average cost for a half is $100.

A full ounce of shrooms (28 grams) will, in most cases, cost roughly $200.

If you were to get a pound (454 grams), you should expect an even greater price break per gram, dropping it to around $5. A general estimate of this total cost would be $2,400. However, being able to purchase that much at once is not common.

MeasurementWeight (grams)Cost EstimateCost per gramNotes
An eighth3.5$30$8.57Over $40 might indicate high demand, low supply, or high risk.
A quarter7$60$8.57Twice the price of an eighth.
A half14$100$7.14Per-gram cost decreases compared to smaller amounts.
An ounce28$200$7.14Standard pricing for larger quantity.
A pound454$2,400$5.29Significant price break, uncommon to purchase in such bulk.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Shrooms

Numerous factors can influence the cost of shrooms and take it higher or lower than the above estimates.

Legal Status

According to your local laws, is buying shrooms legal or at least decriminalized? If no, the price will likely be higher since the one selling them to you is taking on much greater risk.

Legal Status

Seller’s Reputation

Sellers with more revered reputations can generally charge more since those buying from them place value on trusting that the quality of the product will be high and are willing to pay extra for that.

Alternate Varieties

If you do not want to solely consume psilocybin mushrooms or are a first-time user and would prefer to be tasting something else while doing so, you can take advantage of alternate varieties. For example, shrooms can come in chocolate, gummy and tea form. If you do get one of those, expect to pay more due to the increased production costs.

Supply and Demand

Of course, the economic principle of supply and demand also impacts the price of shrooms as lower supply generally causes higher demand and increased prices and vice versa. For example, if there is a festival or similar gathering taking place this weekend, low supply and high demand and prices could result.

Growing Difficulty

If a specific species is difficult to grow, that can increase the price that you would pay as a result of the greater time and effort that was devoted to get it to you. Also, cultivation and grower methods can be relatively simple or very sophisticated. The latter, particularly if specialized equipment is being used, will generally result in a higher cost for you as well.

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In some cases, location also plays a role. For example, psilocybe azurescens is not only difficult to grow, but it is generally found in the coastal areas of the Northwest. If you are not there, both of those factors combined with its higher potency generally cause higher prices for it compared to other species.

Keep in mind that there are some places where no type of fungi can be easily grown due to the climate and other reasons, which will usually increase prices, partially to account for transportation costs. Conversely, if you are somewhere the opposite is true, the price that you are charged should be lower.

Legal Status

Within the United States, the legal status of magic mushrooms varies significantly.

Wherever you are, it is important to note that federal law classifies them as Schedule I controlled substances. That means that they are viewed as drugs with no accepted medical use and a significant potential for substance abuse. Now, that does not necessarily mean that this statement is true, but that is how the U.S. government defines shrooms. Keep the related legal ramifications in mind.

On the other hand, Colorado state law, as of July 1, 2023, states that shrooms are legal to grow and consume as well as, in many cases, give to others – i.e. not sell them.

Also, several communities have decriminalized the possession of shrooms. Some of the more notable places on this list include the state of Oregon, the county of Washtenaw, Mich., which includes Ann Arbor, and the cities of Arcata, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Cruz, Calif.; Cambridge, Mass.; Detroit; Minneapolis; Portland, Maine; Seattle and Washington.

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Laws in other countries vary.

Note that shrooms are actually not legal in the Netherlands despite many believing that they are. That change occurred in 2008. However, magic truffles, which are quite similar and also contain psilocybin, remain legal there.


If you are looking to purchase magic mushrooms, keep a price point of around $7-$9 a gram in mind while also taking into account factors that can influence that. And consider what the experience of consuming them will be like for you. Ensure that you are a well-researched purchaser and user, and be careful.

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