Plainview: Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Long Island Treatment Center has a long history serving the greater community’s needs, and we remain true to that mission to this very day. This website is currently under construction to reflect the name change, but our programs are still available for people looking for a way out of the spiral of addiction.

Our detox and treatment programs are renowned for getting people suffering from addiction to the next stage of recovery. The staff is supportive and professional, and we are deeply motivated to help people get out of the cycle of addiction. There are multiple programs available, so we encourage anyone with questions to get in touch as soon as possible.

Serving Residents of Plainview

We also help family members and concerned friends better understand the underlying causes of addiction and new ways to support the addicted person through the recovery process. We offer detoxification services to help addicts to get clean from any influence of substances. There are also inpatient and outpatient programs for those continuing on the road to recovery.

Many people feel alone when dealing with addiction, so our priority is to let you know that help is available. We can assist you when the situation looks bleak, so never hesitate to reach out. Anyone looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment can find a location for drug rehab near me. This includes friends and family members who might feel helpless about a loved one who is addicted.

Underlying Causes of Addiction

Addiction can be a complicated set of issues; no one chooses to become an addict. Treating the underlying causes of addiction is necessary, but there is no clear path for doing it. The reasons for the addiction are often based on trauma. People use substances to relieve a kind of pain that has become unbearable. There might be few other options available, and addiction is an acceptable way of expressing pain and grief in a consumer-based society.

This almost encourages addiction in certain contexts. The value of the inpatient program, in particular, is to introduce the addicted person to an environment that offers other options for dealing with the underlying causes. Therapy is the most effective when the person is open to receiving it, so our programs strive to create the environment that makes a recovery most likely to happen.

Many people look for treatment options for an underlying problem. This is why many individuals suffering from addiction will refer to their activities as self-medication. There might be a history of trauma and abuse that caused the pain. We can also work on behalf of friends or family members who are affected personally by the person who is addicted. Anyone looking to help them is likely to face an uphill battle, so it’s important to partner with the effective and compassionate group of Long Island Treatment Center professionals.

Drug Rehab Near Me

Plainview residents know that anyone suffering from addiction can extend the misery to family members and friends. This is why our addiction programs in Plainview account for the needs of the family and friends of the addict. It’s easy to feel isolated and lonely during this time, so we encourage anyone dealing with these problems to reach out for support right away.

This is relevant for the extended relatives and friends who might be suffering from an inability to help the person abusing substances. It’s not uncommon for addicted people to find their way to one of our programs through the active involvement of key people in their lives. Get the information you need to become a helpful influence in the addict’s life.

Long Island Treatment Center Detox Program

The first step towards sobriety is getting into a detox program. Our treatment facility also offers other complementary services that augment the effects of the treatment protocols. This includes therapeutic programming that addresses the underlying issues that are common to most addictions. This includes treatments for trauma, emotional problems, lack of life skills, and other issues. Getting to the core of the addiction is often helpful in allowing the addict to rebuild their life.

Communities are built on the foundation of healthy individuals. However, the addictions prevalent in this area indicate a level of distress beneath the surface. Many family members and friends will often wonder how a person could become addicted because they are unaware that these underlying issues have become unbearable to the addict. Our treatment facility can help the loved ones of the addict and provide detox services for the addict. It’s helpful to understand how addictions develop and how people have found ways to recover from these serious and sometimes life-threatening addictions.

Detox, Outpatient and Inpatient Programs

Detoxification is the process of cleaning out the drugs or alcohol from the person’s system. Until the person goes through a detox program, and rehabilitative services are ineffective. Before admitting the individual into a facility, this detox process is necessary for any additional treatment or rehabilitative program.

The outpatient programs are designed to support individuals who need help remaining sober during their daily routines. This service is often complementary to the inpatient program, which is more intensive. The outpatient program is designed to assist the person without disrupting their daily life. This is done while the individual is engaged in other activities like work or school, for example.

Inpatient programs are designed to enable the individual to stay in a supportive environment for a longer period of time. This is often necessary when the substance abuse is so severe that the person needs a literal barrier to prevent the abuse from continuing. Sobriety can be almost impossible to achieve without the assistance of a community of people who understand what is happening. Many caring family members and friends lack the skills or resources to do this in daily life.

This is why inpatient programs are available on a short-term or long-term basis. The short-term inpatient programs typically last around one month. Inpatient programs are sometimes utilized in conjunction with detox programs, but they can also be different. The inpatient status means that the person is staying in a room on the location. Since they are lodging on the premises, there are meals and house rules that must be followed.

The inpatient program might also involve rehabilitation services like group therapy, individual therapy, and other types of recreational programming. Depending on the individual’s needs, the inpatient program can last for up to several months. This allows the addict to experience a stabilized daily routine while going through detoxification and rehabilitation.

Selecting a Program

Selecting a clinic and a program is an important decision, so we provide you with as much information as possible. If you have any additional questions, contact our offices. We offer multiple programs to address the unique problems of addiction. However, these terms might be unfamiliar to people who aren’t well-versed in the terminology used in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry.

Our intake professionals are well-versed in these options, so we can effectively answer your questions. The goal is to get you to the point where you know which program is the most appropriate for the particular situation. Each intake is handled individually to address the most pressing needs of the person suffering from addiction; there is no one solution for everyone.

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Detox is just the first step in any recovery from addiction. The term detox is just short for detoxification, and this requires the addicted person to refrain from using any substances for a defined period of time. This is a prerequisite to entering a more intensive rehabilitation program. Detoxification requires time, but this is the most necessary first step to take, and we encourage it.

After the period of time for detoxing has passed, the addiction typically becomes less severe, and the person tends to become more communicative and relaxed. This is the point where another programming might become applicable. Rehabilitation is a highly individualized process, so we encourage anyone with questions to ask the providers directly.

Our Team

Our service professionals are experts in addiction management, and we strive to offer the best services to each patient. We are always looking for ways to educate the community about this important topic, and we encourage you to ask questions. You can always voice any concerns that you might have during the intake process.

Each person has individual needs, so we are conscious of the need to individualize the treatment plan. This shows dedication to providing the most effective resources to help addicts detox and learn new skills for coping with the underlying issues. Contact our service providers in Plainview today. We are looking forward to helping you find out the most effective path to achieving sobriety in Plainview.

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