Substance Abuse Evaluation

We specialize in helping our clients through our substance abuse evaluation protocols and effective treatment plans.

Long Island Treatment Center offers quality services to every client in need of addiction intervention, substance abuse evaluation, and treatment services. We specialize in helping our clients through our substance abuse evaluation protocols and effective treatment plans. The substance abuse evaluation is part of our intake process, and this is essential before beginning your treatment plan. People come to our facility to benefit from our exceptional services. We have a compassionate and experienced team to help you during every stage of this process.

Substance Abuse Evaluations Explained

Our programs are designed to produce the best outcomes for each and every client. We know how difficult it can be to get started, so we developed an entire protocol to help you every step of the way on your journey to sobriety. The substance abuse evaluation is exceptionally helpful during the initial stages of recovery. It allows the treatment team to determine the best course of treatment for your specific circumstances. After you complete the substance abuse evaluation, you can start your customized treatment program.

The substance abuse evaluation involves getting a complete history of your life and how the addiction developed. This includes many details about the circumstances surrounding significant life events, for example. Any recommendations for treatment will be made on the information gathered during the substance abuse evaluation. The substance abuse evaluation is often ordered by a court; the offender must get this evaluation to meet the court’s requirements. This can be an important part of your legal proceedings, so make sure to work with a competent and experienced facility in order to get the best results. Long Island Treatment Center offers exceptionally high-quality facilities, treatment services, and amenities.

Reasons for Substance Abuse Evaluation

There are different ways that people will come into our treatment center to receive rehabilitative services. Some people come to us after realizing that their drug or alcohol problem is ruining their relationships, work options, or quality of life. Others might receive a court order to take a substance abuse evaluation from a qualified provider. Anyone who requires substance abuse evaluation services or treatment options can find the necessary resources at Long Island Treatment Center.

People who suffer from alcohol or drug abuse often have underlying issues that have never been addressed. These issues often fuel the addiction cycle. This includes childhood trauma, domestic abuse, and other types of unresolved pain. Addiction may also be accompanied by various untreated mental health issues. The substance abuse evaluation is necessary to determine the underlying issues in order to create the best treatment plan for your particular situation and personality.

Once a person gains access to a substance abuse evaluation, the process of recovery can begin. This is true whether the substance abuse evaluation is ordered by a court or pursued voluntarily. The treatment team can help the best plan after getting an accurate diagnosis through the substance abuse evaluation. This part of the intake process is essential to understand; it’s the foundation for building a sustainable recovery plan that will last an entire lifetime.

Our Substance Abuse Evaluation Team

Rehabilitation is a serious process, and it’s important to have a team of qualified professionals on your side. There is no need to go through this alone. Our staff has the experience necessary to determine the nature of the underlying conditions that drive the addiction or substance abuse. The interviewing process is done by our most experienced team members. We understand how to evaluate your needs based on a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation. This includes a variety of considerations, including the type of drugs used, how often they are abused, underlying mental health issues, previous history of substance abuse, and other factors.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Outpatient rehabilitation: This is the first level of our treatment program, and it’s appropriate for people who require an affordable option for treating the addiction without going through an inpatient program. This is ideal for people who have less severe forms of substance abuse and require the most cost-effective option available.

Intensive outpatient treatment: This is the second level of care, and it’s designed to intensify the treatments offered without living at the facility. This requires a higher level of commitment, as the number of hours in this treatment option is higher than required for the first level of care.

Residential rehabilitation services: The third level of care requires clients to live at the residential facilities in order to receive supervision and rehabilitative services around the clock. This is an ideal option for people who require supervised detoxification services, for example. This can be helpful in avoiding the need for extensive medical care. Treatment plans involve providing education that helps patients to avoid triggers that cause their addictive behavior to become activated.

Intensive inpatient rehabilitation: This is the most intense level of care; it requires patients to live at the facility while accessing medically supervised rehabilitation services. This involves medical stabilization, and patients are allowed to enter into this level of care without going through detoxification first. Medical supervision allows the patient to detox and manages withdrawal symptoms while being monitored carefully by a highly trained staff.

Our goal is to help you to learn the skills necessary to maintain sobriety and rebuild your life. This is why we hire only the most caring and experienced professionals to work at our facility. These professionals are responsible for creating individualized treatment plans after the initial substance abuse evaluation. This might involve early intervention in the cycle of substance abuse, for example. It could also involve outpatient or inpatient stays in the residential treatment program. There are also intensive levels of treatment available in cases when a client requires medically supervised treatment.

The Substance Abuse Evaluation

Our qualified team will conduct a substance abuse evaluation in order to assess your overall situation and make treatment recommendations. The substance abuse evaluation begins with a series of questions designed to determine if your addiction or drug dependency is interfering with your life. This includes jobs, relationships, and your ability to enjoy daily activities, for example. In addition, the substance abuse evaluation can also uncover related problems. This might include mental health problems, a history of unresolved traumas, and painful experiences that might contribute to the addiction.

Many people use drugs and alcohol as a way to relieve their pain. When your substance abuse evaluation professional discovers underlying issues beneath the addiction, this is actually a good sign; it means that the treatment plan is likely to address these deeper issues. This process can take some time, so it’s important to stay patient during the initial substance abuse evaluation. The baseline for your treatment plan is just the foundation for your future. As your situation evolves, the treatment plan is likely to change according to the new circumstances.

Treatment Programs for Addiction

Our experienced team can assess the needs of each individual to determine the most appropriate treatment program for addiction. The substance abuse evaluation is essential for determining what level of care is required. This will also help our professional team to learn about any other issues that might need to be addressed in the treatment plan. For example, if the person has a dual diagnosis, the treatment plan can be modified to accommodate any specific needs. The addiction cycle can be broken with the right kind of environment and support staff. This is the goal of our facility and professional team, so make sure to reach out as soon as you can. We can answer all of your questions about our substance abuse evaluation, treatment options, facility location, amenities, and other topics.

About Long Island Treatment Center

Treatment services are integral to fulfilling our mission to provide our clients and their family members with the resources and skillsets necessary to become sober and remain that way for a lifetime. Our focus on customization ensures that each treatment plan is appropriate for the individual. Circumstances, background, and personality traits all play a role in creating the addiction, so it makes sense to use these same attributes to design treatment plans. This is an effective way to address the complexities of addiction while ensuring that each client knows how the therapy plan is designed to address specific needs.

Our comprehensive treatments are administered by a caring and compassionate group of professionals who understand how much support is needed to successfully intervene in the self-destructive cycle of addiction. The facility serves the communities of Suffolk and Nassau as well as the surrounding areas around New York City. The amenities at our facility ensure that each client experiences comfort and peace during treatments. The staff is committed to ensuring that each person feels welcomed as soon as you walk through the door. This is a safe place to recover from the underlying causes of addiction while regaining a sense of how to live in sobriety. It can be difficult to reach out for help, but this is exactly the first step necessary to get on your personal road to recovery, so contact us today.

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