What to Buy Someone Recovering from Addiction

sobriety gift ideas

As the holidays approach, stores are gearing up for crazy sales. Christmas shopping can be extremely stressful. It isn’t easy to select the perfect items for all of your friends and family. It may be even more challenging to find the ideal present for a person who is recovering from addiction. The recovery process is complex, and it is a long road filled with hard work and perseverance. It is usually tempting to take the easy way out and to gift loved one’s bottles of wine and similar items. This is not possible for a person who is recovering from a substance abuse disorder.

Often, people feel as though they have to approach individuals holding onto sobriety with kid gloves. Although it is important to be supportive, giving “sobriety gifts” like a reflection journal or essential oils may be thoughtful, but they highlight the problem. Also, many people who are overcoming substance abuse disorders do not use these types of items. The goal of long-term recovery is to feel as normal as possible. With this in mind, it may be wise to consider gifts that complement hobbies the take a person’s mind away from these bad habits. Here are some helpful items to kickstart your gift-giving adventures. They are innovative ideas for a friend, relative, or coworker working through the recovery process, and they are also suitable for birthdays and other occasions.

What to Get a Music Lover

Music can be soothing, and also, it can be an outlet that allows a person to release pent-up emotions. If you know that your friend or family member loves a particular band, a great gift would be tickets to a concert. Given the opportunity to watch a band perform live is an exhilarating experience. If you give two tickets, you may be asked to go to the show as well. This is definitely a win-win situation.

If you are not sure what type of music the individual likes, you can purchase a vintage record membership. Right now, vintage records are very trendy. Giving a membership allows a person to build their collection.

What to Buy a Foodie

Who doesn’t love to eat great food? On the other hand, your friend or a loved one may love to cook. There are several delicious and innovative gift options available for the foodie in your life.

Besides regular cookbooks that take up a lot of space, you still may wish to give the gift of recipes. There are smaller calendars on the market that provide easy recipes for each day of the week. To create a quick and simple snack or appetizer, this is sure to please anyone who loves to cook but has little time to spend in the kitchen.

Sobriety gifts can be fun and inexpensive. Another great present for a foodie is a mini waffle maker. Besides breakfast, this item is a smart addition to mealtime. For example, a delicious side dish is potato cakes. You can use leftover mashed potatoes in the appliance to create delectable treats. Also, you can place canned biscuit dough into this device for a tasty dessert.

What to Buy a Book Lover

Since reading is a great way to escape reality in a healthy way, many people in recovery love books. Therefore, understanding what to get these individuals ensures that you give something fun and functional.

Since many people choose to read in bed, a portable book light or lap holder will be immensely appreciated. These items are inexpensive and come in a variety of styles, and it is possible to purchase a personalized bookmarker as well. With this gift, the individual will think of you each time they open the book.

Depending on a person’s individual home space, another lovely gift would be to buy a custom set of bookends or an elegant bookshelf. A bookshelf allows an individual to display a collection, and Bookends are great to hold a specific series or the recent books being read.

Gifts for the Gamer

Video games often take a person’s mind away from reality for short periods of time. If you have a gamer on your gift-giving list, you may need a few ideas.

Even if you’ve never played a video game, you know the wide variety of consoles and platforms that most gamers use. Also, you know how many wires come with these units. An HDMI splitter is a perfect gamer gift. It allows a person to switch between two console units without touching any cables. This saves a lot of time and inconvenience.

If your friend or family member is a competitive computer gamer, getting a customized mouse would be much appreciated. Underneath it all, every gamer wants a fancy mouse for their computer. Having an item that can be personalized in color with multiple programmable buttons and pulling rate levels is quite an advantage.

What to Buy a Fitness Enthusiast

Exercise releases natural endorphins, or “feel good” hormones. When a person achieves a natural high, it keeps them from reaching for artificial means of happiness. Also, exercise is a great way to alleviate stress and depression. Many times, a person in recovery turns to exercise as a means to release negative energy.

When a person heads to the gym, they must stay hydrated. It is common to see loads of reusable water bottles. Unfortunately, these items become dirty. On top of this, they are difficult to clean. Many high-end items are not dishwasher-safe, which means that a person will have to contort and scrub all the nooks and crannies of these bottles by hand. In this case, one of the best gifts is a self-cleaning water bottle. Thanks to a built-in UVC light, water becomes purified at the touch of a button. The self-cleaning mode runs every few hours to keep the bottle clean as well.

After a person has a solid workout, sore muscles likely result. One of the best ways to soothe this discomfort is with a massage. Since personal massage is quite expensive, a much more practical gift is a “Percussion Therapy Deep Tissue Massager.” This tool is terrific for post-workout recovery. In no time, an individual’s tension will melt away. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Gifts for a Sports Lover

Many people are dedicated to one team. Whether it is a hometown favorite or a national iconic, a sports enthusiast roots for their team. As with music lovers, a great gift would be tickets to a game. Who would pass the chance to see a live sporting event that features a favorite team?

Obviously, there are a number of different sports that a fan can follow. Many individuals do not personally play the particular game, but they have favorite players. Another great gift is a jersey or an article of clothing that relates to this person.

If a person does play a sport, it is possible to purchase a piece of equipment for their use. For example, if your best friend loves to golf, you can create customized golf balls with a name, initial, or special message.

What to Buy a Hunter

Buying a gift for a hunter may seem tricky. To be sure, it is not easy to choose a gun or a bow. However, there are many hunting accessories that would be appreciated by a loved one. For instance, if your hunter complains about missing a lot of shots, you may invest in a rangefinder. This is a thoughtful gift for a newbie or a person who has trouble judging distance.

Also, you may consider getting a smoker. Many hunters enjoy creating jerky from their trophies. Anyone who processes game meat at home would love a new smoker. It is something not many people consider, but it is a valuable and thoughtful present.

The above gifts are just a few ideas for the person in your life who is recovering from an addiction. It is important to remember that they are more than their disease. This person wants to be treated like everyone else. Even though they don’t drink and must be careful making choices during the day, it is possible to give great gifts that make sobriety easier. No matter the occasion, it is essential to make your friends and loved ones feel normal. Happy shopping!

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